A Letter from the South Shore Unity Council

Today, the letter below is being sent by all of the SSUC partner organizations (which includes HUC) to their town leaders and community members. We wanted to share it with you as well. Dear Residents and Leaders of Boston’s South Shore Communities, We are writing to introduce ourselves to you as organizations that are deeply dedicated to the principle that every single person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect no matter who they are or where they come from. In 2019, we came together to form a coalition called the South Shore Unity Council. Through programming, events, and other community initiatives, we seek to bridge differences in experience and perspective in order to build a culture that respects and values the individuality and humanity of every individual. We will not stand quietly by in the face of disrespect or mistreatment of our neighbors based on race, sexual orientation, gender, religious affiliation, disability or any other reason. We condemn recent acts of racism and anti-Semitism, actions targeting the LGBQTIA+ community, Muslims, and others, as well as the dissemination of white supremacist propaganda in our communities. We stand with our neighbors of diverse backgrounds and are committed to ensuring our diverse communities are welcoming and safe for all. No town, no matter how filled with kind and well-meaning people it may be, is entirely free of bigotry. We can all strive to do better. If you have not already, we strongly encourage you to reach out to work with us in your town. We also hope you will collaborate with leaders and groups in neighboring towns and discover how they are working with their particular South Shore Unity Council partners to foster a community where every citizen feels valued and supported. Respectfully, The South Shore Unity Council: Cohasset Diversity Committee Cohasset Pride Project Duxbury for All [Read More ->]

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Hingham Unity Council Statement Concerning Thin Blue Line Flags on Town Property

The Hingham Unity Council was formed to encourage people to have meaningful, in-person discussions about our differences; to hear each other’s perspectives and experiences; to gain understanding; to promote empathy and support for all of our community members. The members of the HUC are distressed by the discourse on social media surrounding the Thin Blue Line flag displayed on Hingham fire trucks. We don’t believe this is what Hingham stands for. We believe Hingham stands with our Weymouth neighbors as they mark the anniversary of the death of Officer Chesna in a horrific killing as he upheld his duty to serve and protect. We believe Hingham stands with our Black community as they protest unjustified killings of Black men and woman and demand systemic reform. We believe Hingham stands with our police and first responders. We believe Hingham stands for the right to question public officials, existing policies and status quo. We believe Hingham stands for civility and empathy, even when we disagree. We believe Hingham can stand together to grieve and remember all of the men and women whose lives were taken too soon. We urge everyone in the Hingham community to push their capacity for empathy a bit further and consider entering into a deeper, interpersonal dialogue beyond the world of social media. Let’s listen more and post less. The Hingham Unity Council supports the current decision of our town officials to remove the Thin Blue Line flag from town property until there is a more complete understanding reached about the significance of its display and what it represents to all members of the Hingham community. In the upcoming months the HUC will continue to present opportunities for this type of dialogue and exchange and hope you will join us.

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