We seek to bridge differences in experience and perspective to build a culture that respects and values the dignity and humanity of every community member.

Unity means working together with this common vision, including with those who may have different opinions, perspectives, and experiences, but who are willing to exchange ideas that promote acceptance and inclusivity.

Unity does not mean uniformity or neutrality: our uniqueness makes us stronger and our convictions drive us.

Unity embraces diversity. Unity is not silent.


If our group does our work right, in our town we will see:

  • More Listening: We seek to create a more welcoming and inclusive South Shore and recognize that we have a long way to go to that end. We seek to learn from our friends, neighbors and colleagues that are members of historically marginalized communities. We know that we cannot fully understand, but we seek to learn more about their lived experiences.
  • More Engagement: We understand how policy affects and maintains structural racism. We commit to being anti-racist, actively engaging in re-shaping that policy via informed voting and participation in local government and committees, meetings and other opportunities.
  • New Norms: We have a consciousness about the importance of racial equity, diversity and inclusion. The average person genuinely values these goals; views to the contrary are outliers.
  • Appreciation of Culture:  We value all races, genders, religions and cultures; people feel connected through dialogue; our town holds events that encourage cultural discovery and development of inclusive and diverse relationships.
  • Increased Diversity: All people feel welcome here.


  • Connect in-person.  We believe that people learn and grow when they know each other, even when they have different opinions or viewpoints. We believe in-person connections can remove barriers to deeper understanding, and create greater opportunities for unity.We engage other forms of communication to achieve our goals, but prefer to be in community together.
  • Foster dialogue. We believe that groups engaged in open and honest conversations are capable of change. We create safe, in-person forums to foster these interactions, and welcome anyone that’s interested in exploring how to make our community more inclusive and tolerant. We seek to make space for something different than rigid ideology.
  • Meet people where they are.  We recognize people are at different points in their journey of building a more inclusive community, and we welcome everyone with a sincere interest in expanding their scope of understanding. We don’t shy away from asking people to be comfortable with discomfort, and we’re clear about what people can expect when attending our events.
  • Engage with respect and dignity.  Escalating conflict doesn’t build understanding and unity.  We embrace non-confrontational action and engagement.  We believe doing so creates a more productive environment for growth and learning.
  • Have backbone; speak out.  Unity does not mean neutrality.  We are active champions of fostering a more anti-racist, inclusive and supportive community.  When we see injustice and actions that denigrate human dignity and marginalize our Black, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, neighbors of color, persons of certain religious affiliation or any others, we speak out.
  • Make sure we are helping, not hurting. Mindfully explore whether the initiatives led by this group meaningfully and positively impact those we intend to help. Solicit input from and center work around them.