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Statement regarding Islamophobia and the Shooting of 3 students in Vermont

The HUC stands in solidarity against Islamophobia. While the investigation is still unfolding, it is unacceptable that students were targeted on their way to dinner while speaking Arabic and wearing a traditional Palestinian keffiyeh (scarf). We’d like to remind our community of the importance of standing against Islamophobia. Our Palestinian, Arab, and South Asian community members and students have been feeling a heightened sense of fear due to multiple assaults, murders, and verbal threats toward people going about their daily lives or exercising their constitutional rights around the nation. Once more: as a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-faith community, we reject all forms of hate. We all belong here.

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Statement Regarding Threat Made Against Congregation Sha’aray Shalom

The Hingham Unity Council stands in solidarity against antisemitism. We were horrified to learn about the threat toward the Congregation Sha’aray Shalom, and we know this only increases fear and trauma for many of our community members. It is vitally important that our community continue to remain ever-vigilant in resisting antisemitism. With the threat today, we urge our entire community to reflect on and live out our shared values. We again reiterate the call for our community: As a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-faith community, we reject all forms of hate. We all belong here.

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Statement regarding Israel and Gaza

The Hingham Unity Council acknowledges the enormous grief that is being felt throughout our community in the wake of shocking and horrifying violence and terror in Israel and Gaza. We unequivocally condemn the recent attacks on innocent lives by Hamas. We grieve these losses as our own. As individuals, we believe our most powerful tool at this time is to recognize and honor our shared humanity. We continue to pledge to use our collective voice to call attention to and support all those facing humanitarian crises. 

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HUC Joins other SSUC Members in Letter Regarding Museum Beach Incident

Dear Residents and Leaders of Boston’s South Shore Communities: We are writing today regarding an incident that occurred in one of our member communities, Scituate, relating to the Scituate Public Schools Director of Diversity, Education and Inclusion, Mr. jamele adams. A makeshift tombstone with Mr. adam’s misspelled name and “in loving memory” on it was photographed at Museum Beach. The Scituate Public Schools and Select Board have already made a statement, as has Scituate Together for Representation, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (STRIDE). We want to collectively echo their strong condemnations of this unacceptable and vile act and express our support and solidarity for Mr. adams and the work he is doing in the Scituate community, as well as for all those who may feel threatened or unsafe as a result of this incident. We affirm our respect, compassion, and acceptance for all people as we continue to celebrate diversity of backgrounds and identities. Together, we will continue to pursue our commitment to ensuring our communities are places where everyone feels safe and welcome. The South Shore Unity Council is made up of various civic and municipal-level organizations that are deeply dedicated to the principle that every single person deserves to [Read More ->]

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Town Meeting Issues 2023

There’s a lot of information out there coming from a lot of directions and it’s quite a bit to process! These issues are important for our community, however, so the Hingham Unity Council board has discussed the items on this years’ Town Meeting warrant that intersect with our mission and values – to foster a more diverse and inclusive community – and how they affect our Town. We wanted to share our thoughts with you. The SparkNotes version: We are voting Yes on Article 6- The Override We are voting Yes on Article 25 – Single Use Water Bottles We are voting Yes on the Alternate Motion to Article 29 – Accessory Dwelling Units. This motion will be brought by Planning Board Chair Judy Sneath on the floor of Town Meeting. Article 6: The Override This was a tough conversation for us and required some thought and work, because we acknowledge an inherent conflict between raising taxes and supporting a more diverse and inclusive Hingham: a more expensive Hingham is not accessible to all. However, we trust our elected and appointed officials, and the override has the full support of our Select Board and our Advisory Committee, who volunteer hours of their time in tireless service to our Town and [Read More ->]

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Affirming our Support of LGBQTQ+ and Transgender Rights

We wish to affirm our respect, compassion, and acceptance for all people as we continue to celebrate diversity of backgrounds and identities. We maintain our commitment to making sure our local community is a place where everyone feels safe and welcome, including all of our children, no matter how they identify.

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Why is it important to Celebrate Juneteenth? – Call for Student Submissions

As part of the celebration of Juneteenth in Hingham this year,  the Hingham Unity Council is inviting all students who live and/or attend school in Hingham to participate in a competition where they can express the importance of celebrating the holiday and what Juneteenth means to the community through a work of visual or performance art, an essay or other written work. Students in grades K- 12 are invited to submit an essay, poem, a piece of visual art (drawing, painting, sculpture - any medium of expression is welcome!), a video or original song or other performance to the Juneteenth committee.

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HUC Letter to Advisory Committee regarding Accessory Dwelling Units

Dear Members of the Advisory Committee: I am writing on behalf of the Hingham Unity Council (the “HUC”) regarding the proposed changes to the Town’s ADU by-law. The HUC supports the removal of the familial restriction on these rentals as originally proposed by the ADU Study Committee appointed by Hingham Town Meeting. We have attended all of the Planning Board’s public hearings on this proposal and have yet to hear any fact-based explanation for retaining this restriction. If anything, we heard only additional data supporting its removal. We believe the strongest arguments in support are: Housing diversity/affordability.  Goal 4 of Hingham’s Master Plan and the Hingham Housing Plan both emphasize the urgency of diversifying our Town’s housing inventory, especially as our overall population is aging, with a national trend toward solo aging. Page 90 of the Housing Plan states: “The recent adoption of the ADU bylaw is a good start and certainly a step in the right direction. However, restricting occupancy to family members largely sidesteps one of the primary purposes and benefits of such units - to provide homeowners with additional income that is particularly important for elderly homeowners, single parents, and others who are spending too much of [Read More ->]

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HUC Statement in Support of our AAPI Community

The HUC stands in solidarity with our Asian/Asian American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) community on the South Shore, in Monterey Park, and everywhere. You belong here, and you are not alone. We hope everyone will join us as we continue to work to dismantle the structures and conditions in our society that perpetuate harassment, violence, and hate against individuals of any race, gender, class, disability, sexual orientation, religion, age or national origin.

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A Letter from the South Shore Unity Council

Today, the letter below is being sent by all of the SSUC partner organizations (which includes HUC) to their town leaders and community members. We wanted to share it with you as well. Dear Residents and Leaders of Boston’s South Shore Communities, We are writing to introduce ourselves to you as organizations that are deeply dedicated to the principle that every single person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect no matter who they are or where they come from. In 2019, we came together to form a coalition called the South Shore Unity Council. Through programming, events, and other community initiatives, we seek to bridge differences in experience and perspective in order to build a culture that respects and values the individuality and humanity of every individual. We will not stand quietly by in the face of disrespect or mistreatment of our neighbors based on race, sexual orientation, gender, religious affiliation, disability or any other reason. We condemn recent acts of racism and anti-Semitism, actions targeting the LGBQTIA+ community, Muslims, and others, as well as the dissemination of white supremacist propaganda in our communities. We stand with our neighbors of diverse backgrounds and are committed to ensuring our [Read More ->]

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