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Climate change affects us all, but much like COVID, climate change exacerbates inequities in our society resulting in vulnerable communities experiencing a disproportionate burden of harmful impacts, be it extreme heat, poor air quality or flooding. While we may not see evidence of this in Hingham, we do have a role to play in reducing our carbon emissions that contribute to the changing climate.

The Board of Selectmen are bringing two warrant articles to Town Meeting 2021 that, if passed, would create a committee that will be tasked with the creation of a Climate Action Plan, which would outline a path towards net zero emissions in our town by 2040. To demonstrate our support for these efforts, the Hingham Unity Council will be teaming up with Hingham Net Zero by hosting a Climate Stand-out on April 3 at Bathing Beach. We ask that all participants wear a mask and ensure safe social distancing.

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