2011: Tuttle and Simpson Family Reunions

Tuttle and Simpson Family Reunion held in Whitman. 120 family members gather to learn about their rich history in southeastern Massachusetts. During the reunion, research by Marion Teague and Rosa Edwards-Ellis is shared through photographs, documents and posters. During the search for information, the family found out that Marion Teague is 27% Native and a descendent of several area tribes including Chappaquiddick, Wampanoag and Nipmuc. The Tuttles have hosted many family reunions over the years, starting in 1956. Read more

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2012: JB Mills memorializes crew from 1944 depot tragedy

Memorial dedication of the USS YF-145 held at Bare Cove Park. J.B. Mills, Hingham resident and former member of the crew, funded the etched stone to memorialize the crew that died in the tragedy. The USS YF-415 sank after an explosion on May 11, 1944 killing 17 of 30 sailors on board. Mills had volunteered for USS YF-415 duty that day but was instead assigned administrative duty. He knew all the Hingham soldiers who died, all of whom were recorded to have been "Afro-Americans." According to Jim Rose, “Mills always resented the way Blacks were treated as second class citizens in the service. Black sailors were assigned menial jobs like stewards and dangerous duty like loading ammunition.” Read more

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2021: Ward Street barn recognized as a historical building

The barn at 111 Ward Street that was the official meeting place for members of the South Shore Citizens Club is officially recognized as a historical site by the Town of Hingham thanks to the efforts of seventh generation Tuttle and Hingham resident Joyce Barber. The barn was also used as a place to celebrate family milestones such as the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary of Marion Teague and her husband Bob. Marion founded the South Shore Citizens Club with her father in 1942. Read more

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