In the late 1800s, James Tuttle ran the Tuttle Poultry Farm at his family’s property located at 105 Ward Street. Soon after his death in 1906, his wife and great great grandmother to current Hingham resident Joyce Barber, Henrietta (Simpson) Tuttle, began running a one week overnight camp for Black children from Boston. With the help of the YMCA, Tuttle was able to find families to attend. Henrietta took her campers to the beach, helped them learn how to grow vegetables and harvest them, and make ice cream. “Country Week” helped create additional income for the widow and her children and make use of her house and property.

Henrietta’s descendants, Marion Teague (HHS ‘40) and Joyce Barber (HHS ‘66) have collected several artifacts documenting this part of their family’s heritage. Watch Joyce Barber talk about Country Week and share historical information and images at the Mass. Memories Road Show.

[Images and source: Joyce Barber]

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Voices and Faces of Hingham

Hingham resident Joyce Barber shares some of her family history at the Mass Memories Road Show.