Mr Roundtree (Camilla's husband) with the Carters at the White House considered for a position in Small Business AdministrationHingham Resident Eugene V. Roundtree (whose wife Camilla ran the Hingham METCO program for 40 years) is invited to the White House by President and Mrs. Carter while being considered for a position in the Small Business Administration. Mr. Roundtree does not accept the position because it would mean stepping down from his position as President of All-Stainless, Inc., the family business. During the same trip to D.C., Roundtree met with business leaders in U.S. industry from R.J. Reynolds, the 3 major automobile manufacturers, and Dow Chemical. A year later, in 1978, his company, All-Stainless Inc., opened a new warehouse to serve Dow Chemical in Freeport, TX which was a project that grew out of these meetings. Mr. Roundtree’s relationships with business leaders were key to the success of the family business.